Constancia(Chona) Maga Tizon

June 28, 1938-February 9, 2017


Thank you for all your prayers and messages of sympathies in the demise of Tita (Aunt) Chona. ❤️

Katbaloganon Christmas Party


Welcome Home Reception for Consul General Marites De Vega.

November 27 2016 (Sunday)
12:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Sheraton LaGuardia in Flushing<

Donation: $55.00 per person
Attire: For Men: Business attire
For Women: Sundays Best

Make checks payable to:

Prospero A. Lim, MD
177 Merry Mount St., SINY 10314

Please remit checks before Nov. 7, 2016.
Thank you
Prospero Lim, MD

Katbaloganon 2017 Dulong

Fr. Dave Sison President
Marilou Tenazas Hermana Mayor


Quadricentennial Celebration Catbalogan City 2016
Jobal & Gadin Brothers
Hermanos Mayores

Pontifical Mass



Testimonial Dinner


Katbaloganon USA

Gala Night


Wholeday Affair


Katbaloganon USA 8th Novena


2016 Grand Marshal Gala Night

Procy Lim - President
Leonidas "Ned" Pulido, MD & Carmencita "Menchie" Pulido
Grand Marshals Philippines Independence Day Parade


Jude Malvin Ortiaga


My 42 y/o grand-nephew unexpectedly passed away last January 14. His name is JUDE MALVIN ORTIAGA, son of Joaquin and Miranda Ortiaga.
The arrangement is as follows:
Viewing is on Wednesday and Thursday - January 20 and 21 from 2 - 4:30 PM and 7 - 9 PM both days.
Place is MATTHEWS FUNERAL HOME on 2508 Victory Bvld. Staten Island. Tel. 718-761-5544
FUNERAL MASS is on Friday - January 22, 2016 at ST THOMAS/ST JOSEPH CHURCH on 6097 Amboy Rd. Staten Island, NY time to be determined. Tel. 718-356-0294.
Thank you.
Doc Pros


Gloria Bartolome Church Services


Katbaloganon East Coast Christmas Party


Megan Succer Team (NJ Crush) won the Championship Tournament‎ in Long Island


Katbaloganon USA Dulong


Megan Ponce Sweet 16 Celebration October 30 2015 at the Bethwood Totowa, NJ


Katbaloganon USA 42nd Anniversary Galla Night

Vic Degracia- President
Karen Lomuntad- Hermana Mayor

Cocktail Hour click here

Rigodon de Honor click here

Kuratsa click here

Katbaloganon USA 2015 Fiesta


Karen & Kim Lomuntad
Lida & Vic Degracia

Ellen & Ruben Cinco, Rosemary & Ted Noble, Lallotte & Neph Serfino, Karen & Dave Chieco, Lilly & Gerry Maulion, Agnes & Alain Cinco, Aisa Cinco & Sal Docimo, Fr. Dave Sison, Aj Cinco, Annvi & Emmel Miel, Ryan & Catherine Degracia, Dianne Degracia, Kit Lomuntad, Maru & Noah Honrado, Michelle Lomuntad, Skip Lucero, Mike Infante


Katbaloganon 2015 8th Novena


Camille & Phil Wells
Maggie & Andy Villarin

Geri & Eddie Villarin, Michelle & Charlie Schlech, Linda & Amado Acampado, Arsenia Lope, Myrna Munos, Marilou & Rene Tenazas, Dayday Unarosa, Villa & Celso Reyes, Ped Villarin, Junjie Villarin, Gerry Villarin, Pinky & Migy Villarin, Telly & Dominic Damjanac, Emma & Paolo Villarin, Awang Rosales


Katbaloganon 2015 6th Novena


Orange & Reggie Avisado
Chona & Raymund Ponce

Marcy & Narding Sison, Linda & Tony Avisado, Sony & Danny Cruz, Christine & Lita Sison, Gamby & Rico Sison, Joy & Mike Mencias, Alice & Ryan Cruz, Marie & Rob Errigo, Linda Japzon, Karen Japzon, Rachel Japzon, Marinelle & Jess Japzon, Cindy & Paul Baldassano, Tina & Monica Avisado, Paulette Abella


Judge Narciso Tuazon Vasquez passed away

By Vic IIagan Degracia

In behalf of the Katbaloganon USA, we would like to extend our deepest sympathy to our beloved kababayan Nino Vasquez and his family for the loss of their father - Judge Narciso Tuazon Vasquez, our prayers are with all of you.

Katbaloganon 2015 5th Novena


Aileen & Tintin Go
Grace & John Llemos

Tessie Penaranda, Lour Sison, Diday & Tarcilo de los Reyes, Gemma & Gil Ramos, Mila & Robert Herreria, Chito Gabon, Rosemarie & Hy Cho, Lucing & Jose Uy, Nory & Rey Ramos, Luz & Lay Williams, Gen & Rob Herreria


Installation of
Rev. Fr. Dave Thomas Nachura Sison
As Pastor of St. Anthony of Padua Church


Katbaloganon 2015 4th Novena


Vinna & Timmy Bolastig
Larissa & Teddy Avisado

Viann & Lex Maneja, Simonette & Philip Castaneda, Genevieve & Kiko Soladores, Denise & Leo Lomuntad, Louie & Carol Lomuntad, Paula Rosales, Nicole Honrado, Pink & Eric Johnson, Patricia & Silver Caffey, Bart Tan


Katbaloganon 2015 3rd Novena


Fely & Manny Balasbas
Maricel & Sam Maravilla

Susan & Nonong Arce, Letty & Claro Balasbas, Marichu Castillo, Deo Aclo, Mimi Repol, Juliet & Dado Miner, Venus Dabuet, Daniella Bohol, Mimi & Rocky Luna, Aida & Peter Gallanter, Nanette Ty, Norma Bernate, Diday & Roland Cojuangco


Katbaloganon 2015 2nd Novena


Malyn & Casey Tanseco
Chat & Alex Labendia

Liz & Nino Vasquez, Jonah & Daundee Estalilla, Nancy & Al Tanseco, Ruth & Tom Marcial, Aileen & Lee Vasquez, Jennifer & Chuch Tanseco, Lourdes & Nestor Tan, Tonette & Jerry Pagdonsolan, Ruth & Laling Tanseco, Purit & Cesar Estalilla, Ardee Tanseco, Tessie Ocampo, Baby & Gun Kabul, Mara Labendia and Baby & Romeo Rupisan


Katbaloganon 2015 1st Novena

Baby & Bot Fernandez
Amy & Yaning Tan

Tetit & Ben Lomuntad, Min Lomuntad, Gloria Bartolome, Bobby Tan, Julie & Romy Coronaction, Jen Kelly, Fe & Raul Fernando, Andrew Fernandez, Lita & Narding Cabrasawan, Lee Ann Fernandez, Jong & Dennis Tan, Ludy & Johnson Duque, Betty & Goody Litorja, Rael Rosaless, Jaja & Ditto Fernando


Philippine Independence 2015


Ester Tambor 70th Birthday


Norwegian Sun


Roatan and Belize


Costa Maya and Cozumel




Fort Myers



Fricia(Bubbles) Fernando Tarantino Funeral Services


Church Services


Funds For Landslide Victims in Catbalogan City

Atty. Karen Noble Chieco was able to solicit donations of $452.31 from David & Karen Chieco, John & Kristy Ricciardone, and Nora Osal thru Fr. Bobby Sison’s Good Samaritan Partnership in Mission, Inc.
This money will be sent to Katbalaoganon Foundation

Waray Christmas Party at the residence of Edith Raagas


Katbaloganon USA Cristmas Party


Katbaloganon USA 40th Anniversary Journal


An Evening with the Consul General at his residence


K-USA "Dulong"

Submitted by Vic Ilagan Degracia

K-USA "Dulong" is scheduled on November 22, 2014(Sat) @ 2 pm - St Anthony of Padua Church, 63 Franklin Street, Belleville, NJ 07109. Please park your car across the street & kindly inform others who don't have Facebook access.

Katbaloganon Metro Manila Gala Night

Pol delos Reyes - President
Conching delos Reyes - Hermana


Katbaloganon Metro Manila Wholeday Affair



CINCO BROTHERS - Hermano Mayoris


Samarnon 2014


Calbayog City Fiesta Celebration in Metro Manila at Centennial Hall, Manila Hotel

Augusto 'Dodog' A. Rosales - Hermano
Ofelia Tuazon David - Hermana


Nalding & Conching Delos Reyes
50th Wedding Anniversary

Reception at Centennial Hall, Manila Hotel


Katbaloganon USA Fiesta Celebration
At the Double Tree Hotel By Hilton, Newark Airport

Marito Llemos Go IV - President
Annvi Tan Miel - Hermana Mayor



Katbaloganon 8th Novena


Coordinators: Liz & Nino Vasquez and Malyn & Casey Tanseco

Sponsor: Chat & Alex Labendia, Dino Vasquez, Jona & Dundee Estalilla, Nancy & Al Tanseco, Manny Dalupan, Ruth & Tom Marcial, Lee & Alleen Vasquez, Chuck & Jennifer Tanseco, Chito Gabon, Lourdes & Nestor Tan, Baby & Romeo Rupisan and Purit & Cesar Estalilla

Katbaloganon 7th Novena


Coordinators: Miranda & Joaquin Ortiaga, Tessie & Boy Lim

Sponsor: Trixie Ferrer, Florie & Fred Donaire, Fe Lim, Prosy Lim, Jude Ortiaga, Steve Latuja, Jessica & James Ortiaga Mark & Michael Donaire, Jean & Marion Cunanan, Leslie & Antonio Magalong, Edna & Esmer Payuyo, Sylvia & Simonette David, Linda & Lorie Razo, Josephine Abrugar, Fidelindo Lim, Edith Lim

Katbaloganon 6th Novena


Coordinators: Geri & Eddie Villarin and Andy & Maggie Villarin

Sponsor: Michelle & Charlie Schleck, Linda & Amado Acampado, Arsenia Lope, Myrna Munoz, Marilou & Rene Tenazas, Dayday Unarosa, Villa & Celso Reyes, Ped Villarin, Junjie Villarin, Gerry Villarin, Pinky & Migy Villarin, Camille & Phil Wells, Telly & Dominic Damjanac

Flooding in Catbalogan from Latest Typhoon Glenda (Rammasun)

Submitted by Ted

New Pictures of Flooding ha Catbalogan

ha Guinsorong

an Catbalogan Terminal Building
Photo credits: Tom Rodriguez & Paul Eng

Governor Ann Tan

15 July 2h014 · Catbalogan,
Philippines · Edited

PDRRMC, Province of Samar, July 15, 2014

At 11:00am the province was declared under signal no. 3. Immediately at 1pm PDRRMC deployed the different Emergency Team in response to municipalities affected by the typhoon. PDRRMC also passed a resolution to declare the Province of Samar under the State of Iminnent Disaster.

As of 4:55pm 10 municipalities and 1 city have an on-going forced evacuation as some barangays were under water; 4,453 families were affected and relief operations are now on-going. There were also reported missing persons but this is still to be validated from the reporting MDRRMC.

At 5:18pm PDRRMC received partial report from the municipality of Daram, 50 barangays were affected and 3,026 families were in evacuation centers.

At 6:14pm in Catbalogan City, 1,700 families were displaced and are now evacuated in 20 evacuation centers.

We are still monitoring other municipalities for updates.

Katbaloganon 5th Novena


Coordinators: Lour Sison and Tessie Penaranda

Sponsors: Grace & John Llemoss, Diday & Tarcilo de los Reyes, Gemma & Gil Ramos, Tessa Renaranda, Mila & Robert Herreria, Lucing & Jose Uy, Luz & Jay Williams, Nory & Rey Ramos, Lucy & Nelson Forte

Pope Francis and the ‘Borongan miracle’

From Philippine Daily Inquirer

Pope Francis will visit the Philippines in January 2015, a momentous event for Filipinos. He is to visit areas in the Visayas devastated by Typhoon “Yolanda” and the earthquake before it. For him, these events have global significance related to the disasters prophesied by Our Lady of Fatima. The Philippines is dear to the Pope.

After the earthquake that damaged and even destroyed many ancient churches in Bohol and Cebu, the Pope sent the original statue of Our Lady of Fatima to the disaster area. He wanted Filipino survivors to pray to Our Lady to avert future disasters. The seeming message of the Lord through the earthquake is: “Your hearts are more important to Me than your churches.”

That original statue has in its crown the bullet that almost killed St. John Paul II. He is the so-called Fatima Pope, who consecrated Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, which, to Vatican scholars, made global peace possible. Immediately after the consecration, Gorbachev visited John Paul II and unilaterally promulgated détente (reconciliation). The end of the Cuban crisis and of the Cold War, when the USSR disintegrated, and the dismantling of the Berlin Wall were all attributed to Russia’s consecration by the Fatima Pope. The assassination attempt on John Paul II was predicted in the Third Secret of Fatima—that he would be saved by the intervention of Our Lady.

A sister belonging to the Religious of the Virgin Mary, a native of Borongan, related the “Borongan miracle” to me. She spoke of a legend, oral history handed down through generations.

Borongan in Eastern Samar faces the mighty Pacific. If Yolanda devastated Tacloban and the entire eastern seaboard of Samar, why was Borongan unscathed? Borongan never felt the supertyphoon. Its houses and coconut trees are today intact, while the rest are still recuperating from devastation. That was the miracle—not the legend I will describe, but Borongan immune from Yolanda.

A passenger-boat ride connects Borongan to nearby islets. The legend dates back to the 1950s. A mysterious woman hugging her baby, a stranger to the people, boarded the passenger boat. At the first islet stop, she refused to disembark. People asked her where she was going. She just smiled without a word and pointed to the sea. Finally, at an islet, now called Punta Maria after the legend, she disembarked and was never seen again. The next day, the residents were surprised to see a statue of Mary with Baby Jesus at the beach. They decided to transport the statue by boat to Borongan, and there they gave it to the parish priest.

Believable? It is not important to verify this legend. Borongan intact from devastation today is living proof of the miracle.

The statue was named Our Lady of the Nativity. The incident catalyzed a new fiesta. Every Sept. 8, the birthday or nativity of Mama Mary, the statue would be brought back to Punta Maria and welcomed by its residents. Later, the residents would all travel to Borongan in a flotilla of boats to accompany the statue back to its home in the parish church. Soon, street dancing was introduced as part of the fiesta, which is now a smaller sea version of the feast of Our Lady of Peñafrancia.

When the massive earthquake devastated many churches in Bohol and Cebu on Oct. 15 last year, the people of Borongan were frightened. But not a single house or building was destroyed. There were no cracks in the ground, unlike in nearby towns.

An old woman relates that, when Yolanda came, she saw three tsunami-sized waves from her balcony facing the ocean. She simply closed her eyes and prayed. When she opened her eyes, she saw the waves split and move to the sides, mimicking the parting of the Red Sea. Believe it or not.

The people of Borongan had earlier not known about Yolanda. They felt strong winds, but discovered only much later that the rest of Samar and Leyte, especially Tacloban, was devastated by the supertyphoon. Borongan’s coconut trees today are green and bearing fruits. Borongan itself is as pristine as before Yolanda hit. (I encourage readers to make, not a tour, but a pilgrimage to Borongan on Sept. 7 and 8, and pray for safety against the next disaster, which is the wish of Pope Francis.)

The “Borongan miracle” is said to be a sequel to the “Hiroshima miracle.” After the first atomic bomb in history was dropped on Hiroshima in Japan on Aug. 6, 1945, the Jesuit house a few hundred meters from ground zero was found miraculously intact. For kilometers around, everything was razed, except this one tiny house, standing tall in the rubble. When the bomb exploded, the small group of Jesuits were praying the rosary in that house.

“When you cross turbulent waters, I shall be with you. In the wild rivers, you shall not drown. When you walk through fire, you shall not be burned. No flames shall consume you, as I am with you always. For I am the Lord, your God, your Saviour, the Holy One. For you are precious and glorious in My eyes, and I love you.” (Isaiah 43:2-8)

Bernie V. Lopez ( has been writing political commentary for the past 20 years. He is also a radio-TV broadcaster, a documentary producer-director, and a former professor at Ateneo de Manila University.

Katbaloganon 4th Novena


Coordinators: Fely & Manny Balasbas and Maricel & Sam Maravilla

Sponsors: Susan & Nonong Arce, Lety & Claro Balasbas, Marichu Castillo, Deo Aclo, Liza LaTorre, Mimi Repol, Daniella Bohol, Mimi & Rocky Luna, Aida & Peter Gallanter, Nanette Ty, Norma Bernate, Diday & Roland Cojuangco

Be Very Careful: Cellphone Exposure May Harm Male Fertility

Submitted by Ted

Katbaloganon 3rd Novena


Coordinators: Baby & Bot Fernandez and Amy & Yaning Tan

Sponsors: Ben & Tettit Lomuntad, Bubbles & Ditto Fernando, Gloria Bartolome, Julie & Romy Coronacion, Bobby Tan, Fe & Raul Fernando, Andrew Fernandez, Ardee Tanseco, Lita & Narding Cabrasawan, Ludy & Johnson Duque, Jong & Dennis Tan, Randia & Oliver Coronacion, Jen Kelly, Lee Ann Fernandez

Katbaloganon 2nd Novena


CoordinatosReggie & Orange Avisado and Raymund & Chona Ponce

Sponsord - Narding & Marcy Sison, Tony & Linda Avisad0, Danny & Sonia Cruz, Lita & Christine Sison, Rico & Gamby Sison, Mike & Joy Mencias, Linda Japzon, Karen Japzon, Rachel Japzon, Jess & Marinelle Japzon, Paul & Cindy Baldassano, Tina & Monica Avisado, Ryan & Alice Cruz, Paulette Abella, Rob & Marie Errigo

Migy and Pinky Villarin 50th Wedding Anniversary at The Gran Centurions


Katbaloganon 2014 1st Novena


Coordinators- Ellen & Ruben Cinco & Karen & Kim Lomuntad

Sponsors- Agnes & Alain Cinco, Karen & David Chieco, Rosemarie & Ted Noble, Lilly & Gerry Maulion, Betty & Goody Litorja, Kim Lomuntad, Aisa Cinco, Latotte & Neph Serfino, Juilet & Dado Nimer, Rosemarie & Hy Cho, Vic & Lida Degracia, Aj Cinco

Additional Funds For Typhoon Victims in Samar

The additional $641.55 donation that Atty. Karen Noble Chieco has solicited that I intend to send to Guian I sent it to Raul.

The Lucky Escape

Submitted by Ted

To see why it's good idea for a man to let the woman talk first...(na bay-og an kalibutan)

Click here...

Additional Funds For Typhoon Victims in Samar

Atty. Karen Noble Chieco was able to solicit additional donation of $490.00 from CT Assoc of Philippine Physicians for Samar typhoon victims thru Fr. Bobby Sison’s Good Samaritan Partnership in Mission, Inc.

Her total amount solicited is $2,829.55. I still have a cash on hand of $641.55 to be send to Guian and am still waiting for Vilma Sison to refer me to the right person who will receive this money I was informed that their needs are nolonger immediate.

Additional Funds For Typhoon Victims in Samar

Karen Noble Chieco was able to solicit additional donation of $151.55 from Susan Chieco Culkin and others for Samar typhoon victims thru Fr. Bobby Sison’s Good Samaritan Partnership in Mission, Inc.

Her total amount solicited is $2,339.55. This additinal amount will be to Guian Hospital.

The total money that I previously received from Karen was $2,287.00 not $2297.00 as I have previously posted. Raul has already acknowledged that he has received the money.

I Knew Pope Francis Was Good, But When I Found Out Everything He Did in 2013, I Was Blown Away

From Marilou de la Cruz shared a link via Karen Japzon.

Click here

Katbaloganon USA Christmas Party


Received from Raul

10th Anniversary of the San Lorenzo Ruiz and Scalabrini Center and Remembering Fr. Bobby Sison on the 10th Anniversary of his Death.

Slide Show at

Additional Funds For Typhoon Victims in Samar

Anna Marie (another daughter of Ted & Rosemarie Noble) was able to solicit donation of $200 from Hakim and Leslie Nguyen for Samar typhoon victims thru Fr. Bobby Sison’s Good Samaritan Partnership in Mission, Inc. I am intending to send this money to Guiuan Hospital. If you have any other suggestion let me know.

The total money that I received from Karen was $2,287.00 not $2297 .00 as I have previously posted. Raul has already acknowledged that he has received the money.

Another Funds For Typhoon Victims in Samar

Karen Chieco (daughter of Ted & Rosemarie Noble) has solicited donation from her friends and colleagues for Samar typhoon victims thru Fr. Bobby Sison’s Good Samaritan Partnership in Mission, Inc. for a total of $2,287.00. This amount will be send to Raul Fernando.

List of Donors:

1 Maria Heggelke
2 Thomas Lyons
3 Lindsay Baldwine
4 Aurora Delbon
5 Deb Arsenault
6 Sharon Payne
7 Sherry Prior
8 Lauren Troy
9 Terri and David Miller
10 JD Chieco
11 Jessica Chieco
12 Suzanne Miller
13 Rhoda Clark
14 Amy and Derek Twomply
15 Mary Regina Sullivan-Covello and John Covello
16 Kevin and Catharine Rich
17 Pia Mysliwiec
18 Kenneth Pinelope Petzold
19 Kevin Kelly
20 Marcin and Beth Slupek
21 Stephen Moore and Georgette Bisson
22 David and Ruth Chieco
23 Suisman, Shapiro, Wool, Brennan, Cray and Greenberg, PC
24 Dean and Kathryn Crabtree
25 Joseph and Erin Stephen
26 Michael McPherson
27 Timothy Janine Leary
28 Bonita Cohen
29 Letia Nowak
30 Jason and Stephanie Smith
31 Joel and Susan Lichtenstein
32 David and Karen Chieco

Filipino Pastoral Ministry - Pompei San Lorenzo Ruiz Association of America (SLRAA, Inc.) celebrates the 10th anniversary of the San Lorenzo Ruiz & Scalabrini Center on December 8, 2013 Sunday and remembers the 10th death anniversary of Fr. Bobby B. Sison. Please come and join us for the Mass of Thanksgiving & Remembrance. — with Narding Sison and Araceli Medrano.

Remembering Fr. Bobby on the 10th Anniversary of his death

Click here for slide show at Filipino Pastoral Ministry

Katbaloganon USA 2013 Dulong

President - Tintin Go
Hermana Mayor Annvi Miel


Cemetery Mass

Submitted by Cely

Cemetery Mass for the Dead in Memory of Fr. Bobby Sison, Brother Michael LaMantia, Scalabrinian Fathers and all dead members of our family on November 23, Saturday at 8:30a.m. at CALVARY I Chapel Cemetery in Woodside Queens NY.

We invite you all to join us for the Mass. School bus transportation is available at Pompei church. Please call OLP Rectory at 212 989 6805 to reserve for the bus ride.

Migy-Pinky Villarin shared Catnetwork tacloban's video.


Click here...

Waray Community Association of USA, Inc.

30th Anniversary Ball and Induction of Officers
Joaquin Ortiaga - President
Fidelio Lim - Vice President


Maru Update

Submitted by Andy Cinco Villarin 11:31am Oct 14

This is an update,
Maru is not having surgery today. She is getting a procedure to just check her arteries.

Maruja L. Honrado experienced a heart attack.

Submitted by Andy Cinco Villarin

Dear fellow Katbaloganons,
we are in great need for your prayers right now. Last night Maruja L. Honrado experienced a heart attack. She will undergo a procedure today to check her arteries at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. Thank you and we appreciate your prayers right now.

Msgr. Max T Cruz...May He Rest in Peace

Submitted by Ted

Rosemarie Noble sharing Valentin Cruz Jubane's photo & posting.

Rest in peace, Msgr. Max...Condolences to his family especially to Fr. Maning....He has touched the lives of countless Katbaloganons including ours.... Rest assured he has a special place in heaven....He is back with the Lord. Rosemarie & Teddy

Valentin Cruz Jubane's Post

Our (Tio) uncle Max Tuazon Cruz Passed away an hour ago. Please I am asking a favor from you all to pray for his Soul. Rest In Peace Tio Max.

Bishop Maximiano Tuazon Cruz Bishop Maximiano Tuazon Cruz was born on April 4, 1923, in Catbalogan, Samar. He was ordained a priest on Nov. 30, 1947. Pope John Paul II appointed him Auxiliary Bishop of Calbayog on Nov. 10, 1987. On Dec. 20, 1994, he was appointed Bishop of Calbayog. He was installed on Jan. 25, 1995. He retired on Jan. 13, 1999.


Elementary - Public School - Catbalogan, Samar, 1936
Secondary - Samar Provincial High School - Samar, 1938
Minor Seminary - St. Vincent de Paul Seminary - Calbayog City, 1942
Scholastic Philosophy - St. Vincent de Paul College Seminary - Calbayog City, 1944
Theology - St. Vincent de Paul Major Seminary - Calbayog City, 1948

Further Studies:

St. John of Lateran Pontifical University - Rome, Italy, 1965
Doctorate in Sacred Theology (Cum Laude)
Pastoral Theology (Magna Cum Laude) — with Dingdong Avanzado and 3 others.

40th Katbaloganon USA pictorial from

Ghost project whistle-blower slain

By Jennifer Allegado
Inquirer Visayas
| September 29, 2013 at 9:38 pm
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CALBAYOG CITY, Samar—The former village chief, who exposed a ghost project in Catbalogan City in Samar, was gunned down by a lone assailant shortly before noon on Sunday.

Filomeno Cabarriban was watching a cock fight in Gallera de Catbalogan in Catbalogan City about 11 p.m. when an unidentified man shot him in the back.

The bullet exited through his chest, killing him on the spot, said Senior

Supt. Roel Acidre, Samar police director.

The police, however, had yet to determine the motive in the killing although investigators were not dismissing the possibility that it was related to politics, especially because he had been receiving death threats.

Cabarriban was a former village chief of Lagundi. His wife is the incumbent barangay (village) captain. He was a supporter of former Catbalogan Mayor Coefredo Uy, a political rival of Rep. Milagrosa Tan, an influential politician in Samar whose family members occupy the highest elective positions in the province.

His killing also came a week after he exposed a ghost project in his village.

Cabarriban had told the Inquirer that he had not seen any ongoing project that either repaired or rehabilitated the road from Barangay Lagundi to adjacent Baragay Peña, which was supposedly funded by the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) of Tan.

According to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), P35 million of Tan’s PDAF was released in February.

Of the amount, P11.35 million was allocated for the road repair/rehabilitation from Lagundi to Peña in Catbalogan City.

“Since January of this year, I have not seen any road repair from Lagundi to Pena,” Cabarriban earlier told the Inquirer.

Based on initial police investigation, Cabarriban was watching a cock fight when he was shot from behind by a lone gunman.

The assailant then joined his two companions in fleeing to the mountains, said Acidre. The victim was brought to Samar Provincial Hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

Betty C. Litorja
Director, World Tours
(703) 821-0840 tel.
(703) 821-9229 fax
(703) 725-9388 mobile

Ludy's Viewing Clich here...

Ludy's Funeral Clich here...

T.b. Avisado Abalos

Dear Friends and Family,

Auntie/Ninang Ludy’s viewing is set for Wednesday, Sept. 4th, @ 3-5pm and 7-9pm at Robert A. Pumphrey Funeral Homes, 300 W. Montgomery Ave, Rockville, MD 20852.

Mass is on Thursday, Sept. 5th, @ 10am at Mother Seton Parish, 19951 Father Hurley Blvd., Germantown, MD 20874

Reception will follow immediately after Church services at Auntie Ludy’s workplace: Rockville Nursing Home, 303 Adclare Road,

Ludy Sison Ventura Obituary Click here...

Practical Tip: How to Test if AA Battery is Still Good

Submitted by Ted

Another Practical tip also - How to improvise a working battery - if you ever run out of battery and stores are closed.

Click here...

Katbaloganon USA 40th Anniversary Grand Ball Night At the Double Tree Hotel By Hilton, Newark Airport

Ambassador Mario de Leon addressing the Katbaloganons

Narding Sison Over All Chairman


Katbaloganon USA 40th Anniversary Whole Day Fiesta Celebration at the Warldlaw - Hartride School

Mrs. Maria Milagros Llemos-Herreria
Hermana Mayor


Katbaloganon USA 8th Novena with Fr. Dave at Our Lady of Pompei Church, New York


A Filipina that All Filipinos should be proud of....

Submitted by Ted

Filipina USAF F-16 Fighter Pilot

Capt. Monessa Catuncan, USAF

Fil-Am woman flies supersonic F-16 fighter jet

In the tough world of fighter pilots where male chauvinism rules supreme, an intrepid 29-year-old Filipino woman beat the odds to become the first Filipina to fly the supersonic F-16 fighter jet that ferried combat missions in Iraq as a member of the United States Air Force (USAF).

Capt. Monessa Catuncan, whose parents were originally from Pasay City and Olongapo City, was featured by the Asian Journal for her remarkable achievements as an F-16 fighter pilot that brought pride and honor to both the U.S. and the Philippines.

The brainy and beauteous Catuncan is the youngest daughter of Filipino immigrants Mr. & Mrs. Ramon Catuncan, now of Mesquite, Texas.

Even in her early years in school, Monessa excelled in academics, graduating valedictorian in a class of 693 in Mesquite High School in Texas in 2000.

She later passed the rigid entrance examinations given by the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado Springs also that year and graduated as one of the top student-pilots in her class in 2004.

As a student pilot, Monessa went through an Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) where she again excelled, the Journal said.
After her UPT stint, Monessa flew the T-6 trainer plane to hone up her flying skill at the Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, Georgia.

After her course at Moody Air Force, she went to Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio, Texas and Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls to fly the T-38.

The Journal said that “in her training there, Monessa learned the basics of formation flying, offensive and defensive fighter maneuvering, and surface attack bombing techniques. Monessa went through intense studying and was put in a variety of stressful situations in order to pass this training.”

The Journal cited Catuncan for her prowess in flying the F-16 fighter jet used extensively by the United States during the Iraq war with devastating effect.

“While at USAFA, Monessa, aside from pursuing her desired career as part of the US Air Force, served as a Squadron Commander, a Division-1 tennis player, a Glider Instructor Pilot, and a member of the Glider Acrobatic Team, among other essential positions,” theAsian Journal said in its article.

After flying T-38 trainer aircraft, Monessa was allowed to pick the type of aircraft she would like to fly such as the F-15E Strike Eagle, F-15C Eagle, F-16 Fighting Falcon, B-1B Lancer, A-10 Warthog, B-52 Stratofortress, and F/A-22 Raptor.

Monessa opted to fly the F-16 Falcon jet fighter, a state-of-the-art combat aircraft. Only highly qualified pilots are selected to fly the F-16, also known as the “Falcon or Viper.” She immediately went into rigid training in maneuvering fighter jets at Luke Air Force Base in Phoenix, Arizona where she was taught how to control and apply tactics of the F-16.

Catuncan finished her F-16 flying course with high marks and was part of the so-called “Lucky number 13” graduates of class 2007.

In fact, the Journal said Monessa “was the only woman in her group, not to mention the only Filipino to pass the much-coveted pilot course.”

As the first Filipina to fly the F-16, Capt. Catuncan “also carries the Philippine flag and the pride of the country it represents and the people in it.”

The USAF is known for its core values of “Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do.”

Katbaloganon USA 7th Novena


Katbaloganon USA 6th Novena


Sorry for the confusion.

6th Novena July 21 (Sunday, Mass at 2:00 P.M. with Fr. Dave then practice of Rigodon) and the 7th Novena July 28 (Sunday, practice of Rigodon 2:00 P.M. then Mass at 6:00 pm with Fr. Caloy) will be held at St Valentine Church, Bloomfeld, NJ.

The 8th Novena August 3, Saturday will be held at Our Lady of Pompeii Church NY at 6:30 P.M. with Fr. Dave then final practice of Rigodon.

Thanks Fely.

Katbaloganon USA 5th Novena


Katbaloganon USA 4th Novena


Katbaloganon USA 3rd Novena


Katbaloganon USA 2nd Novena


Katbaloganon USA 1st Novena


Katbaloganon Invitation

I have this on My Will - and This may surely touch your heart !

Submitted by Ted Clich here...
And a great lesson for me... Narding

Our Lady of Manaoag Annual Feast Day Celebration

Fred and Florie Donaire
2013 Hermano and Hermana Mayores


Lutgarda E. Tizon

Our beloved sister Lut passed away yesterday May 4 at 5:35AM today. She had life support discontinued Friday night per instructions from all of us. She wants a Catholic funeral service and had all of this planned before this happened. Thank you so much for all your prayers. We are so grateful to each one of you for lifting her up in your prayers as well as praying for us. Please continue to pray for us as we make preparations for funeral services and for peace that passes all understanding.
Many many thanks for all your

ARIXSANDRA LIBANTINO - Another Pinay to be proud of...

Submitted by Ted

Click here...

Altlantic City Fund Raising

It was enjoyable but the attendance turned out low. It was suggested that Past Presidents and Past Hermanas to make a voluntary contribution of any amount. Please send your check payable to katbaloganon Assn. USA to Dr. Prosperos Lim at 177 Merrymount Street, Staten Island, NY 10314.


Egoy Memorial Mass


There will be a mass for Egoy this coming Saturday, at April 27 at 11am at St. Valentine Church in Bloomfield. potluck.

I just got word that Egoy Rosales passed away today April 20, 2013 at 11:30 am New York time. Awang's Magic Jack number 732 476 0395.

Katbaloganon Assn. USA A.C. bus trip 4/28/13 fund raising event

Date: April 28, 2013
Location Pick-up: Cheesequake Service Area along Garden State Parkway
Time of Pick-up: 9:00 a.m.
Cost per passenger: $40.00 (casino will give $25.00 in slot machine play money)
Destination: Showboat Casino, Atlantic City
Food and Refreshment: Will be serve, courtesy of Katbaloganon Assn. USA

Please send your check payable to Katbaloganon Assn. USA to Dr. Prospero Lim at 177 Merrymount Street, Staten Island, N.Y. 10314.

The bus has 56 seats available to fill up. So please invite many guest as you can.

Your response at your earliest convenience is highly appreciated in order to get a head count. See you all on 4/28/13.

To join and confirm the A.C. bus trip fund raising event:

Please e-mail to (Narding Sison Tel.#631-624-0495) or (Joaquin L.Ortiaga Tel.#718-356-0575)


JOKES Supposedly Credited to Jorge Mario Bergoglio,SJ,.. BEFORE He Became Pope Francis

Submitted by Ted

A Vision

A Jesuit, a Dominican, and a Franciscan were walking along an old road, debating the greatness of their orders. Suddenly, an apparition of the Holy Family appeared in front of them, with Jesus in a manger and Mary and Joseph praying over him. The Franciscan fell on his face, overcome with awe at the sight of God born in such poverty. The Dominican fell to his knees, adoring the beautiful reflection of the Trinity and the Holy Family. The Jesuit walked up to Joseph, put his arm around his shoulder, and said, “So, have you thought about where to send him to school?”


A Franciscan gets a haircut, and then asks how much he owes. The barber says he never charges clergy. The Franciscan thanks the barber and goes home. The next morning the barber finds a big basket of fresh bread from the Franciscans’ kitchens. An Augustinian gets his hair cut by the same barber. The barber also tells him than he never charges clergy. The next day the barber receives a nice bottle of wine from the Augustinians’ wine cellar. A Jesuit gets his haircut, and the barber again says that he never charges clergy. The next day, when the barber opens his shop, there are twelve other Jesuits already waiting for him.

The right question

A Franciscan and a Jesuit were friends. They were both smokers who found it difficult to pray for a long period of time without having a cigarette. They decided to go to their superiors and ask permission to smoke.

When they met again, the Franciscan was downcast. “I asked my superior if I could smoke while I pray and he said ‘no,’” he said. The Jesuit smiled. “I asked I could pray while I smoke. He said ‘of course.’”

Final Wish

A Dominican, a Franciscan, and a Jesuit were in the same hospice, and all were near death. One evening, the Angel of Death appeared before them and informed them that it was their time and that each could have a final request before accompanying him from this world. The Dominican asked to gaze upon the face of his Savior. In an instant, the face of Christ appeared before him. He was satisfied and felt he could die with no regrets. The Franciscan asked to touch the wounds in the hands and feet of Jesus before he died; Christ appeared and invited him, like Thomas, to examine his wounds. The dying priest touched Christ’s hands and feet and wept with joy, peace, and contentment. Finally, the Angel of Death asked the Jesuit for his final request. Without hesitation the Jesuit replied, “I’d like a second opinion.”

A vocation

A mother went to her pastor and explained that her son seemed very interested in becoming a priest. She asked what this would require. The priest began to explain. “If he wants to become a diocesan priest, he’ll have to study for eight years. If he wants to become a Franciscan, he’ll have to study for ten years. If he wants to become a Jesuit, he’ll have to study for fourteen years.”
The mother listened carefully, and as the priest concluded, her eyes brightened. “Sign him up for that last one, Father. He’s a little slow!”

The Blind Golfers

A Franciscan, a Dominican, and a Jesuit were out playing golf one day. They were moving along the course quite well until they got stuck behind a group of golfers who were taking quite a long time and weren’t letting anyone else play through. Feeling irritated, the three priests went to the club manager to complain. The manager told them that the slow golfers were blind. “It takes them more time,” he said. “Please be patient.”
The Franciscan was mortified. He got down on his knees and begged God’s forgiveness for his anger. The Dominican was also chagrined. He repented of his impatience, and vowed to do more to help the poor and disabled.
However, the Jesuit wasn’t impressed. He asked the manager, “why don’t you make them play at night?”

Who’s the Greatest?

A Franciscan and a Dominican were debating whose order was the greater. After months of arguing, they decided to ask God for an answer when they died. Years later, they met in heaven and went to God’s throne to resolve their old disagreement. God seemed a bit puzzled about the question and told them he would reply in writing a few days later. After much deliberation, God sent the following letter:
My sons,
Please stop bickering about such trivial matters. Both orders are equally great and good in my eyes.
God, SJ

Power Failure

A Franciscan, a Dominican, and a Jesuit were sitting in a room when the lights went out. The Franciscan said, “My brothers, let us take this opportunity to consider the debt we owe to our sister, the light.” The Dominican said, “Yes, but let us also take this opportunity to contemplate the difference between light and dark.” Meanwhile, the Jesuit went to the basement, found the fuse box, and reset the breaker.


A Jesuit and a Franciscan sat down to dinner, after which pie was served. There were two pieces of pie, one small and the other large. The Jesuit reached over and took the larger piece for himself. The Franciscan remonstrated, “St. Francis always taught us to take the meaner piece.” The Jesuit replied, “And so you have it.”
The Benedictine, well aware of the soothing power of music, went to the prow of the boat and began to sing the Benedicite from the Liturgy of the Hours. Just as he got to the line, “O ye Whales, and all that move in the Waters, bless ye the Lord” a huge shark jumped out of the water, seized the Benedictine in his monstrous jaws and gulped him down.
The Dominican rushed to the spot and with a profoundly theological sermon began to convict the sharks of the error of their ways and call them to conversion. In the middle of his most convincing argument another huge shark jumped out of the water, seized the Dominican in his monstrous jaws and gulped him down.
The Franciscan knew it was love not logic that moves the spheres and so, since the boat was by now very low in the water, he too stepped into the prow of the boat and addressed the swimmers, “Brother Sharks, we are your brothers and fellow creatures who love you dearly”. At those words a third huge shark jumped out of the water, seized the Franciscan in his monstrous jaws and gulped him down. By this time the boat had finally sunk, and the Jesuit had no choice but to begin to swim for shore. The sharks closed in quickly and began to circle the Jesuit. Round and round they went, escorting him to the beach, and they did not leave him until he finally walked ashore safe and sound. The crowd on the shore was amazed and asked why the sharks behaved in such a manner. “Oh, that,” the Jesuit replied, “is professional courtesy.”

Save The Date.

April 28, katbaloganons fundraising Atlantic City.

Meeting place Cheesquake on Garden City Parkway
Jaunquin and Miranda – chairpersons

1st Novena Sunday June 16 - St. Valentine's Church

125 North Spring
Bloomfield, NY 07003

2nd Novena Sunday June 23 - St. Valentine's Church

3rd Novena Sunday June 30 - St. Valentine's Church

4th Novena Sunday July 7 - St. Valentine's Church

5th Novena Saturday July 13 - Our Lady of Pompei

6th Novena Saturday July 20 - Our Lady of Pompei

7th Novena Saturday July 27 - Our Lady of Pompei

8th Novena Saturday August 3 - Our Lady of Pompei

Night Affair Friday August 9 - Double Tree at Newark Airport

Whole day Saturday August 10 - The Wardlaw Hartridge School

1295 Inman Ave.
Edison, NJ 08820

The WORD Today

Submitted by Ted

Despedida Party for Msgr. Romy Montero

Please join us in giving a rousing send-off to Msgr Romy Montero on Sunday March 17. There will be a concelebrated Mass @ 3:00PM and Reception to follow after the Mass.

After 8 years of continued service as Director of the Filipino Pastoral Ministry (FPM) and Associate Pastor of Our Lady of Pompei Church, Msgr. Romy Montero is going home to the Philippines for his new parish assignment in San Isidro Labrador Parish, San Jorge, Samar Philippines. Msgr. Romy's last day at Our Lady of Pompei church is March 31. The pending departure of the Msgr. Romy as Director of the Filipino Pastoral Ministry will have a great impact to the FPM as a whole. We will surely miss him. We are all grateful to Msgr. Romy for his guidance and leadership to make the FPM more vibrant, receptive to the continued improvement of the FPM. Thank you Father Romy!

See you all,

The pending departure of the Msgr. Romy as Director of the Filipino Pastoral Ministry will have a great impact to the FPM. Msgr. Romy has taken up the cudgels left behind by the late Fr. Bobby Sison, and has pursued with equal determination and zeal the attainment of the mission of the Filipino Pastoral Ministry. In the past years, there were major steps towards making the pastoral ministry more organized, focused and more responsive to the needs of the people.

Msgr. Romy Montero came to New York on October 27, 2004 accompanied by Bishop Jose Palma, STD to attend the Laksambayan 2004 honoring the late Fr. Bobby Sison. Fr. Bobby was instrumental in helping Msgr. Romy to become priest. He was a scholar of the Seminary Aid Program of the Fr. Bobby Sison Good Samaritan Partnership in Mission. Mr. Armel Francisco was his benefactor.

Msgr. Romy has done pastoral work for more than 16 years in the poorest parishes in the Philippines. It was a major adjustment for him to leave his parish in the Philippines and come to New York. First time abroad and to a big city of New York, culture shock was an understatement. It took for him awhile to adjust to his new home.

Now, after 8 years of continued service to the Filipino community as Director of the Filipino Pastoral Ministry and Associate Pastor of Our Lady of Pompei Church, Msgr. Romulo Montero is going home to the Philippines. Last August his Bishop, Most Reverend Msgr.Isabelo Abarquez from his home diocese has requested him to take up the responsibility as new Pastor of the San Isidro Labrador Parish, San Jorge, Samar Province in the Calbayog Diocese. In his letter, his Bishop said that Msgr. Romy’s eight years of pastoral experience in the United States would be a great help and will benefit the diocese.

Msgr. Romy’s last day with us at Our Lady of Pompei is March 31. We will surely miss him. We are all grateful to Msgr. Romy for his guidance and leadership to make the FPM more vibrant, receptive to the continued improvement of the FPM.

Thank you Father Romy and we wish you well in your next assignment.

IMPORTANT: Reduce Risk(s) of Falling...

Ted Noble

Increased Risk of Fall Accident Begins at Age 40

One of the main health concerns of elderly people is falling, which is often related to poor balance. In fact, many studies show that people begin to have balance problems starting at the age of 40 years. The older you get, the weaker your physical body and sensory abilities will be, which are all factors in having poor balance.

In Japan, more than 7,000 people a year die from falling accidents, which already exceeds the number of traffic accidents. In this article, we'll examine in more details the cause of falling and why you lose balance as you age.

## Test Your Balance by Standing on One Leg You can determine how good your balance is by measuring the length of time that you can stand on one leg.

The following table shows the average balance time by age group in a study conducted at a Japanese health institute.

Average time with eyes open
20-39 years old: 110 seconds
40-49: 64 seconds
50-59: 36 seconds
60-69: 25 seconds

Average time with eyes closed
20-39 years old: 12 seconds
40-49: 7 seconds
50-59: 5 seconds
60-69: less than 3 seconds

If your balance time is below average, then you'll have higher risk of falls, or slipping and tripping accidents. In the above study, women tend to lose their balance more than men but only by a small margin (1-2%). From this study, it is also evident that there's a sudden significant decrease in the ability to maintain balance among middle-aged people (40 years and above). Please take note that the numbers stated above are only average. There are people who were able to maintain balance much longer, and there are also those who were only able to maintain their balance at much shorter time regardless of age and gender. The reason why they vary is explained further below.

## The Soles of Your Feet Have Sensors

The skins all throughout your body have significant amount of tiny pressure sensors or mechanoreceptors. Some areas have few pressure sensors, while other areas have thousands, like on the soles of your feet.

The pressure sensors on the foot soles provide information to your brain to help balance your body. As you get older, the sensors will get weaker and your foot sole lose sensitivity. But there are also other factors that can lead to weaker pressure sensors.

## Poor Blood Circulation Can Disrupt the Pressure Sensors

In our study, people are almost twice as likely to be in a fall accident caused by poor blood circulation. This can be simulated by soaking your feet into ice cold water for about 3 minutes. Because of the cold temperature, the pressure sensors on the foot sole begin to lose sensitivity.

## Pay Attention to Your Forward-Moving Foot

If your forward-moving foot hit something, your body will be off-balance causing you to fall or trip. Well, it's a matter of common sense to always have your eyes on path and watch where you are going. Remember the old adages - "Prevention is better than cure","An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", "Look before you leap", etc.?

But that's not the only problem. Here are the other two major reasons why you stumble while walking.

1. Your forward-moving foot is pointed down. If your foot is pointed down while making a step, then you are more prone to falling. To avoid this, your forefoot or toes should be flexed upwards as shown on the image below.

2. You walk like a pendulum. The height of your step can greatly increase your risk of falling. To prevent this, your forward-moving foot must be higher off the ground (at least 5 cm) while the knee is raised high as shown on the image below.

Actually, all the mechanoreceptors located throughout your body as well as the soles of your feet are sending information to the brain that include muscle contractions and joint angles. When this information is not transmitted well to your brain, which happens as you get older, then the movement will get weak or ineffective making it hard for you to maintain your foot higher off the ground.

## How to Prevent Yourself from a Fall, Trip, or Slip

1. Keep Your House Clean

There are a lot of things in your house that can contribute to clutters that can cause you to trip or fall. Always make sure to put away or store properly all personal belongings and other unnecessary things even if it is only a newspaper, remote control, and laundries scattered on the floor or carpet.

2. Stretch Your Feet and Ankles

You might think that your feet do not need exercise or stretching compared to other parts of your body, but in reality, feet stretching exercise can really help your feet maintain balance.

3. Keep Your House Warm and Ensure Adequate Lighting

Cold muscles and pressure sensors work less well and are less responsive to signals. A decreased temperature will also cause your muscles to have less strength and less flexible, which can lead to accidents. Always try to keep your house warm or wear proper clothes and footwear, especially during winter. Since most falls occur indoors, make sure your house has adequate lighting.

How People Queue (Line Up) in the Philippines !

Submitted by Ted

Replaces the old ticket system. Ingenious! - BY JUAN TAMAD

Loving Memory Gloria Aragon Candari May 3, 1921-January 20, 2013 Beloved mother to Orland, Pinky, Gerry, Tiyoy, Greta and Vivian.

A memorial service is scheduled on January 26 at 21300 via Verde Drive, Covina, CA 91724 at 5pm to 9 pm

The memorial in New Jersey will be on February 9th or 10 th. details are to be announced later.

Camille Villarin Rona Skye Gilby Villarin Migy-Pinky Villarin Andy Cinco Villarin Gian Miguel Villarin Gerry Villarin

Look at This

Submitted by Rocky Tizon Click here...


Submitted by Ted Noble

A good reminder to all of us...


At their 54th anniversary, my friends made a decision to distribute their combined assets among their living heirs. Their rationale, "Para walang gulo." (To avoid trouble.) They added one proviso. "While still alive, income from these properties will be used to maintain our present lifestyle inclusive of medical expenses, extravagant trips and unlimited shopping"

"That's easy," replied their heirs. The income was substantial to indulge the 'old folks' with a bonus that the heirs can use in any manner they wanted.

The first year passed without a hitch, but soon the problem surfaced. Each child used all kinds of tactics to keep the money from his parents. It reached a point where the poor retirees had to beg for sustenance, robbing them of the dignity they worked hard to uphold

What went wrong?

Bad decision," said a cautious friend who warned the couple of this scenario. "Children are so unreliable when it comes to inherited money"

Money received, which was not expected and not a direct result of something they worked for is not given the same value as money earned with their own sweat and tears. They lose their sense of propriety; gratitude is tainted by greed and decency gone. This is compounded by in-laws who can tilt or convince their respective spouses to throw out good sense and filial affection like soiled rugs, "Honey, they're going to die anyway, so why waste good money on them?"

To avoid falling into this vulnerable, pitiful state, keep these 10 tips in mind:

1. DO NOT RETIRE. If you're over-aged, retire and get all the benefits but find another income-generating job or open a business that will keep you active physically and mentally. Travel and bond with true friends, play a sport, learn a new hobby and volunteer in your community or parish. Don't loaf around. Your spouse will hate you because you've become a sloppy, listless bum with nothing good to say about the household and things that you never bothered about before. Solve crossword puzzles, play Scrabble, write your memoirs, and above all, read - this will keep you alert and keep Alzheimer's at bay.

2. LIVE IN YOUR OWN PLACE to enjoy independence, privacy and a 'solo' life. If you move in with your children, your rank or degree of importance is reduced to that of a bed spacer who has no place of honor or, worse, like crumbling furniture merely displayed with no added value. Might you kowtow to conform to their own rules that are not kind, considerate or mindful of you? If you witness your children engaged in a war of will and wits with your grandchildren, whom will you side with? Will they even appreciate your arbitration? Remind your children that silence is not a sign of weakness; YOU ARE MERELY PROCESSING DATA THAT IS TAKING LONGER TO COMPLETE.

3. HOLD ON TO YOUR NEST EGG, BANK DEPOSITS AND ASSETS. If you want to help your children, 'do' give, but not to the extent that you wipe out your life's earnings, singing heroically "not a shirt on my back nor a penny to my name." Staying solvent and in the black is a good hedge against all kinds of tempests. You will sleep better, you will not be afraid to express your opinion and you will be confident about yourself.

4. DON'T BELIEVE YOUR CHILDREN'S PROMISE TO CARE FOR YOU WHEN YOU GROW OLD. Priorities change. Many children are not guilt-ridden or filled with a sense of moral obligation when the wife and offspring take top billing in their lives. There are still children who would consider it a privilege to show compassion, genuine love and deep concern for their parents but be warned that not all children think alike.

5. EXPAND YOUR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS TO INCLUDE YOUNG ONES who will definitely outlive your old BFFs. Keep up with new inventions, trends, music and lifestyle including all the scams and schemes you should guard against. Remember that when you mix with the young, you also open a fresh avenue to channel your thoughts, experiences and values through so that the lessons you learned are not lost, forgotten or buried with you

6. BE WELL GROOMED AND SMELLING FRESH OF SPRING WATER ALL THE TIME. There's nothing more depressing than seeing people exhale when you walk by because you reek of 'baul' (camphor chest) or 'lupa' (dirt). Old age or bust, don't look and smell like a corpse when you're not one yet

7. DO NOT MEDDLE IN THE LIFE OF YOUR CHILDREN. If they ask for your counsel, give it, but be ready to accept that they may not take it. Their situations in life cannot be compared to the situations that you experienced in your life. The playing field has changed and they need to develop their own set of survival skills. If you raised them to be street smart, they can handle themselves in tough situations and be able to read people. Champion and encourage their dreams and desires but on their own terms.

8. DO NOT USE OLD AGE AS YOUR SHIELD AND JUSTIFICATION FOR TURNING GRUMPY. There's nothing more annoying than an arrogant old fool. Welcome each day as another chance to be kind and forgiving, to yourself and to others.

9. LISTEN TO WHAT OTHERS MAY SAY. Do not throw your weight around just because you are a septuagenarian or a nonagenarian. You are not a depository of knowledge. Even if the roles have been reversed, make growing old a fun-filled, pleasant experience for you and your brood.

10. . PRAY ALWAYS AND FOCUS ON YOUR ETERNAL LIFE. You will definitely leave everything behind, a final journey detached from burden and care. Be more accepting that, sooner, 'not' later, you will croak. Prepare your swan song with a humble and contrite heart. If you believe in a merciful and loving GOD, there is no need to strut like a star. Nobody is.

To all my Italiank Tomato Garden Growers

Submitted by Rading

An old Italian lived alone in New Jersey. He wanted to plant his annual tomato garden, but it was very difficult work, as the ground was hard.

His only son, Vincent, who used to help him, was in prison. The old man wrote a letter to his son and described his predicament:

Dear Vincent,

I am feeling pretty sad, because it looks like I won't be able to plant my tomato garden this year. I'm just getting too old to be digging up a garden plot. I know if you were here my troubles would be over. I know you would be happy to dig the plot for me, like in the old days. Love,


A few days later he received a letter from his son.

Dear Pop,

Don't dig up that garden. That's where the bodies are buried.

At 4 am. the next morning, FBI agents and local police arrived and dug up the entire area without finding any bodies. They apologized to the old man and left.

That same day the old man received another letter from his son.

Dear Pop,
Go ahead and plant the tomatoes now. That's the best I could do under the circumstances.

Love you,

T-shirt Answer to Connecticut School Massacre

Submitted by Ted Noble

The highlight of the sermon last Sunday from a visiting pastor from Missouri was about the Connecticut shooting of school children. He said that "maybe, maybe it was God's punishment for the killing of the unborn (those who do the act and those who support) and the abasement of marriage". It maybe true but we can't say the real reasons. Marriage is exclusive between a man and a woman but now hijacked to include same sex. It's ugly, dirty and immoral and against God's law. Another reasons are the ACLU and the atheist who push their anti-God and anti-religious agenda. No more 'In God We Trust"' No more display of Ten Commandments and crosses in public, no more prayers in public and sport events and no more Christmas.

Here is a great answer:

T-shirt of the day - great answer

Katbaloganon USA Chritmas Party

Chair Persons Eddy and Geri Villarin

Rosemarie Panaligan Noble:
Yesterday , 8 inches of snow was dumped by Mother Nature in Connecticut but that did not stop the Noble Family from joining the Katbaloganons last night . We had fun ! Well done, Geri. Dako gud nga gamit an imo mga bandilyo.Worth it an 4 hours nga drive to NJ.


Waray Meeting and Christmas Party at Nalding and Edith Raagas residence

Newly elected officers Juanquin Ortiaga president, Boy Lim vice president


TED & ROSEMARIE Sent You Another Christmas e-Card Just For You ! Click here...


Submitted by Ted Click here...

Vic David husband of Slyvia (Past Hermana) passed away few days ago.

Viewing at Thomas Dalton Funeral Home 125 Hillside Ave. New Hyde Park Long Island Dec 20-21 at 2-5 pm and at 7-9 pm


Submitted by Ted

Imelda Marcos’s Ex-Aide Charged in ’80s Art Theft

John Marshall Mantel for The New York Times

Vilma Bautista, center, the former secretary to Imelda Marcos, left court on Tuesday with her lawyers. She is charged with conspiring to sell art masterpieces that were acquired by Mrs. Marcos, the former first lady of the Philippines.

The indictment says that the conspiracy began in the early 1990s, when a relative of Ms. Bautista’s “convinced” a notary to certify a document giving them the authority to sell the artworks. The document bore Ms. Marcos’s signature, but prosecutors say Ms. Bautista and her relatives were working without the former first lady’s knowledge.

Manhattan District Attorney’s Office Ms. Bautista is also accused of trying to sell Alfred Sisley’s “Langland Bay” (1887) and other artworks that had been acquired by Mrs. Marcos and her husband, Ferdinand.

Some 18 years later, the three began trying to sell the paintings. The indictment cites several e-mails from one nephew, Chaiyot Navalaksana, to his older brother, Pongsak, and to unnamed co-conspirators.
The e-mails suggested that the three were worried about getting caught and at least once backed off selling the works to be safe.
“Stop all sales ... we decided not to move forward,” the younger Mr. Navalaksana wrote to his brother in one 2009 e-mail. “Too risky ... might get busted ... and prices would be too low in black market.”

In early 2010, they enlisted the help of two Manhattan real estate brokers, who are not named in the indictment. The real estate brokers found a potential buyer for the Monet waterlily painting and arranged a meeting at Ms. Bautista’s Manhattan apartment. In an e-mail, the younger Mr. Navalaksana wrote to his brother that he was worried about how to handle the authentication of the painting. He had spoken to a lawyer, whom he hoped would give him legal cover under lawyer-client privilege.

The sale collapsed because the buyer became leery of whether the sellers legally owned the painting.
The real estate brokers then identified a potential buyer in London. The younger Mr. Navalaksana wrote to his brother saying that the buyer would “find creative ways to get the documentation they need.”
The sale went through, according to court papers, and on Sept. 14, 2010, approximately $28 million was deposited into an account held in the name of Ms. Bautista. Another $4 million was deposited into an account jointly held by Ms. Bautista and the two real estate brokers, as their commission for the sale, according to the indictment. Ms. Bautista distributed more than $5 million to her nephews, the indictment says. Chaiyot Navalaksana sent an e-mail after the sale to a co-conspirator, saying his aunt wanted him to meet with his brother “to give him a bundle of caaaaaaaaassshhhh.”


Submitted by Loudette

Thursday, December 6, 2012

MANILA -- A magnitude 5.5 quake rocked Eastern Samar Thursday morning, with state seismologists warning of possible aftershocks.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Philvocs) said the quake was recorded at 8:43 a.m. and was tectonic in origin.

In its initial bulletin, it traced the epicenter to 138 kilometers (km) northeast of Guian, Eastern Samar at a depth of 20 kilometers.

Phivolcs reported that Intensity 5 was felt in Mercedes, Eastern Samar; and Intensity 4 in Tacloban City, Borongan City, and General McArthur in Eastern Samar.

Intensity 3 was felt in Catbalogan City; and the towns of Jaro; Dulag; and Tolosa, while Intensity 2 was recorded in Copoocan and Dagami, all in Leyte.

However, the agency said no damages or casualties were reported. (PNA)

Katbaloganon 40th Anniversary Dulong

Narding Sison Chairman, Mila Herreria Hermana Mayor

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